Thursday, 22 June 2017

Outdoor Challenge - Day 4

The rain held off today, which made for another busy, enjoyable day outside.

We started the day with a whole school presentation on bike safety. Then some of our room 4 students took the road challenge test!

We spent part of the morning critter dipping at Truro Creek.

Lucky scoop - a minnow, a leech, a damselfly nymph and a water boatman!

Outdoor Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 brought the rain, but we still had fun playing! We also had some guest presentations today.

The Fire Safety House was at our school. We practiced fire safety rules to use at home.

We were enthralled by storyteller Jamie Oliviero! 

And of course we played in the puddles!

Outdoor Challenge - Day 2

Today we had another beautiful day for our outdoor adventures. Here are some of the highlights from day 2:

"Mud day" provided an opportunity to cook up some interesting dishes!

Some students got creative with chalk drawings and woodworking.

We had some class time on the tarps (listening to reading and making "talking sticks").

We also tried out some "circus" skills with students from Stevenson School.